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Runners and Martians! Oh My!

If Martians are actually watching us from outer space and there super sensors happened to pick up the activity in Dearborn Heights on the morning of April 1, 2006…. Then they were in for a laugh or two. 


A long stretch of road was lined with blow up Martian dolls tied to orange road cones and signs.  I hear those can be bought in bulk on the internet.  A few were even spotted stuffed in the back of a course workers van, we called that their “get away car.”  Then there were people lining the course with alien sweatshirts that had slogans like “Obey Me” and “Run Earthlings Run!”  (If anyone knows where I can buy one of those that would be cool.)  At about 8:30 a small earth weapon that we call a gun was shot off and then thousands of people began running and walking down the course.   Some people went 10K and others went as far as 26.2 miles.   Supposedly that number of 26.2 was chosen due to some ancient Earth incident that happened before we began watching them.


Okay so maybe that was not the direct report that was transmitted on Mars but it would be funny to watch from a distance.   Next I do want to thank everyone that worked hard to make the Martian Marathon a great event.  It was well organized, had lots of water stations, and us TNT’ers even got to run 20 miles for free.   Plus there were great race volunteers along the way that told us when to turn around, and offer encouragement.  Last of all I want to thank my awesome TNT coach Ken for dragging me that last mile to the finish.   It is amazing how seeing a familiar person in the distance make you want to keep running hard to reach them.  I was actually very happy with my 20 mile run.  It took me about 3hours and 6 minutes so my average miles were between 9 minutes and 9.5 minutes.  Right where I want to be.  My Gel routine seems to be working, shoes felt good, and I did not overdress.   So all in all I was very happy with the event.   Thanks again to everyone that has helped me get this far.


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  1. Al, it was awesome to see you finishing your little training run and being able to help you up that last mountain. You are going to do great in Nashville.

    Comment by Unknown | April 3, 2006 | Reply

  2. holy crap. thats fast!

    Comment by alejandra | April 3, 2006 | Reply

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