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Team Experience is Almost There.

What a journey it has been for all of us. Some of us had never ran or walked a race before, some of us have. Some of us had done fundraising before, and some of us had never done any fundraising. But now you can call yourself a fundraiser, and also a runner or walker. Did you ever think that you would make it this far? I know the first time I took my journey with TNT I had no clue how it would end up, but I was able to raise money for a good cause and also cross the finish line. As our events get closer and closer I want to thank all of you for some good memories and I hope that all of my e-mails have not been too annoying. From training in rain, snow, trying not to fall on the ice, trying to think of songs for crazy piano players to sing, freezing outside of Kroggers, and attempting to grill at Mongolian – they were all fun times. I hope that the past months have been enjoyable and rewarding for you also. As you are completing your event have fun! Wave to the crowd, slap people five, and make sure that you put your name on the front of your race jersey so people can cheer for you. Enjoy the experience and when it gets rough and you feel like stopping – remember what you are doing it for and the entire experience over the past months. If you continue with TNT or even if this is your last event with TNT please feel free to e-mail with questions or to let me know how it is going. Also remember that if you see a fellow TNT’er at an event or out training to give them an encouraging Go Team!


April 6, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Such a motivational speaker you are.. you\’re changing right before my very eyes! I\’m proud of you and what you\’re doing. Only a few more weeks til the race! 🙂

    Comment by Unknown | April 7, 2006 | Reply

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