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Mental Hurdle Gone for now….

Well it appears that my loyal running partner and biking partner, my Garmin, is okay.  I should probably give it an official name.   Any ideas anyone?  Name the Garmin contest entries will be accepted in the Comments area of this post.   Back to the original topic.  After I got home on Saturday a temporary hurdle was placed in my mind.  No Garmin for the Marathon?  What about your pace per mile?   How will you know to slow down?  Do I have to run out and buy a new one, since who knows how long the warranty process could take?  After pressing all the crazy combinations of buttons on it while my lunch was cooking it was still locked up.  So I left it on the counter for the remainder of the day and actually forgot about it.   Later in the evening I noticed that there was no longer any data on the screen, but it would not power on.  So I plugged the charger in and it began charging.   The next day Sunday I did an easy 3 miles and it worked the whole time.  So far, (looking for wood to knock on), it is working.  Hopefully it continues working on tonight’s run. 


April 18, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. I\’m glad to hear that Nimrag is doing fine. I was afraid that I would have to be you Garmin for the entire marathon. I\’ll bring a running harness to keep you from starting to fast.

    Comment by Downtown | April 20, 2006 | Reply

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