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Last Group run for Nashville

Saturday April 22nd was the last group run for the Nashville Group.  The weather was perfect, not too warm, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky.  There were a good number of people at the park so that helped the motivation to run strong.  TNT runners/walkers attendance was low though, I guess since most people were doing a “shorter” long run for the taper process that they would rather do it on their own.   I was glad that I showed up though and was able to chat and run with Coach Ken for bit.  Get some words of encouragement and a few laughs.   I can not say this enough but he has been a great coach and helped me mature as a runner.  Thanks Coach!   I was also able to run with Steve and Steve.  No that is not a typo.  (Last names with held to protect the innocent.)  Steve, Steve and I ran most of the miles together and kept each other at a good pace.  Miles go by so much easier when you are running with other people.  I want to also thank Steve and Steve for running with me and training for this upcoming Marathon.  They kept me at a good pace, helped me speed up when necessary, and also were great to run with.  So how did the run go?  Well I ran 12 miles for my last long run and it felt good.  I stopped for water twice, took Gel on the run, and walked for only about a tenth of a mile around the 10 mile point.  This weeks runs will be much shorter, no weight training to rest the body, and then on to Nashville.   Current weather forecast for Nashville, TN – Saturday High 72, Low 58, Scattered Thunderstorms.    Hopefully there are not any Lightning Miles – that would make some of us run faster.


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