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Nashville Race Morning

2:30AM Saturday morning I was woken up by my alarm clock.   Can it really be time to get up already?  Well we were suppose to be in the hotel lobby at 4:00AM, I am slow at getting ready, and also had to honor my 8 Eggo waffle ritual so it was time to get out of bed.   I surprisingly fell asleep easy the night before but even with only 4 hours or less sleep I was still energized by what was awaiting me in a few hours.   After getting ready, and making waffles in a hotel room I was in the lobby and we were boarding the buses to the start.   We arrived at the start at around 5:00AM.  So now we had 2 hours to calm the nerves, take advantage of the short bathroom lines, or try to sit down and rest the legs.   We sat around, talked, and saw some interesting dressed runners. Yes, even more interesting than purple race jerseys.  At one point is started to rain and we thought that the bad weather tradition of running this race would be honored.   After hiding under trees for awhile the rain stopped and the skies began to clear up.   The staging area quickly filled up with people as the 10,000 plus runners and walkers made their way to the starting corrals.  With about 30 minutes left before the 7:00AM start nature called once again.  Darn nerves!  Drank too much fluids I guess.  Do I try to forget it and then try to hit the first water closet on the course or take my chances in the long lines that had formed?   Well I jumped in line and was looking at the time on my Garmin every other minute thinking that I would not make it.  Ten minutes to 7:00AM – finally!  I was able to take care of my business and then ran to my starting corral, nice warm up I guess.  I was assigned to Corral #8 by my expected finish time and pace.  Coach Ken was supposed to be waiting to start with me in the same corral.  I found Coach Ken and got the expected – “Where have you been?” – The one word answer of “bathroom” was a good enough answer.  We took some pictures met some other racers, and then the time came – 7:00AM. 


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