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Marathon Recovery

Depending on who you talk to or what you read, there are many different courses to take after a marathon to recover.  One recommendation is to take 26 days off from running and physical activity.  If I did that I would be locked in a mental institution at the half way point.  Other people say take a couple of weeks and the one that I agree with is take it slow.  Start up running again at an easy pace with short mileage.  I can handle that.  But believe it or not I actually took 4 days off after the marathon from running and biking.  A gasp goes over the crowd or at least from the ones that know me too well.  Okay I did some weight training but that was it.  So I actually rested a bit.  But I do have to admit it was the missing skin from my right heel that helped me take a few days off.  So things do happen for a reason, even bad things.   But yesterday my body was screaming to do something.  Thursday is usually soccer night but we will wait till next week for that.  So I took my bike out for the first time this year and had a blast.  It is a different rush that you get when flying by at 20+ miles per hour than when you are running.  It must be the daring part of me that loves to see how fast I can go, and perhaps work on some distance riding along the way.  Keep a pace, just like running.  My legs felt good, got the heart rate up, and the bike felt good.  After riding for about an hour the sun had set and I started to feel unsafe dodging cars with little light so I headed towards home.  Also realizing that I felt safer on foot running in the dark than on a bike. Yes I know I am strange.  So tonight it is back to running and seeing how the body reacts.

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