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Utica 5K

Saturday, May 20th was a perfect morning for running.  Actually weather over 50 degrees and no precipitation categorizes as a good running weather in my book.  But this morning I had a larger feeling of confidence while waiting for the start of this race.  My normal feeling of butterflies in the stomach was there, but the enhanced confidence feeling over shadowed that.  I categorize the Utica 5K as my “anniversary” race.  At the completion of this race I would have marked 2 years of distance running, and my third time running this race.  That is where the “anniversary” name comes from.  In May of 2004 it was my first 5K race; it took me over 30 minutes and thus began my running bug.  Plus I knew the race course very well.   I knew the terrain and hills all too well, since I spent part of my younger years growing up in the neighborhood that the race course goes through.  So knowing the course, setting the Garmin for an average goal pace of 7:30 per mile that I had practiced, and feeling really good made up the confidence feeling.  After the start I knew that I was going too fast but I wanted to set a new personal record that day.  So I continued on as a faster pace than I am use to.  After mile two my body was now telling me that I was going too fast.  So I slowed up the pace a little bit and let the guy in front of me that I was trying to pass go. I decreased the length of my stride and once again thought to myself – “this neighborhood seemed so much bigger when I was younger.”  I can never get over that fact.  After passing the 3 mile marker I approached the bridge that goes over the Clinton River, the tunnel that goes under Hall Rd and began the final “kick”. The bridge and tunnel still seem new to me, since the older versions would only handle one lane of foot traffic.  After crossing the finish line I had succeed!  A new personal record in the 5K.   My time was 22:28, 2nd place in my age group, and 12th place overall.  This is a small race so the placing is nice, but I was happy with the time on its own.  My slow running pace is still not fast by elite standards but a personal record is simply that, a personal record.     


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  1. WHOA! you were flyin\’!!! well done!

    Comment by alejandra | May 22, 2006 | Reply

  2. Now I have to look over my shoulder for you during a race.

    Comment by Downtown | May 25, 2006 | Reply

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