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Ann Arbor Duathlon

We left my place around 5:45am on the morning of Sunday June 11th.  It was a cool morning with the temperature around 48 degrees.  It would take a little over an hour to get to my first Duathlon of 2006, but my loving support was also with me for today’s journey.  Extra motivation to finish and do well.  It would be the first event that she has gone to with me and probably one of the more interesting ones to watch.  Once we arrived at the event I collected my race packet, chip and then prepared my transition area.  That is the unique thing about Dutahlons is that you do not simply line up and go.  You have to bring allot more items with you to the event. Time is spent packing the night before and a little stress before the event.  Do I have everything?  Checked the list a few times.  Even though I have done a good number of these events, I always feel like I am missing something.  I will admit that when I was setting up my transition area, and waiting for the start I felt more confident than normal.  We first went down to the beach and watched the first wave of Triathlon swimmers take off.  Then it was back up near the transition area for the Duathlon run start.  One of the race directors gave us instructions and warnings about the 2 mile trail run that we were about to take.  As the run began it was allot of downhill terrain which made it tough to go at a slower pace.  Funny thing was though I was able to mix in with a few people that were going my pace so that really helped.  Once we hit the trails the warnings were accurate!   Steep ups – downs, rocks, sand, roots, and broken roots sticking out of the ground.  It was very challenging and an interesting run.  A few times I kept telling myself to please not trip and fall, and to just wait because I had to complete 5 more miles on these same trails later on.  After the run it was time for the bike.  I made what felt like a quick transition and began the 15 mile ride.  The bike course was allot of rolling hills, a few step ones, and rarely did it feel like you were not on some sort of decline or incline. It was a really good ride for me, and I enjoyed how some of the down hills had me going 30 mph.  After the bike and second transition the legs reacted in the normal fashion from going to biking to running.  I began running at a good pace, which felt more like hobbling, but the legs quickly adapted and after about the first mile I felt normal.  The final 5 miles on the trails was tough.  Since the trails are very narrow it was very crowed at certain points but everyone was very friendly, joked around, and passing was till done where it was feasible.  As if I knew it would happen – I tripped abound the 4 mile mark, but I landed well and popped right back up.  Lots of dirt, but no visible bleeding or scrapes.  The finish was all downhill, people cheering, and I felt really good afterwards.  Not dead tired so training must be working.  Here are the final results:


Run 1 – 2 Miles – 14:36
Transition #1 Time 1:25
Bike 15 miles – 47:00  17.9 mph avg speed
Transition #2 Time 1:16
Run 2 – 5 miles – 45:11  9:03 pace
Total 1:49:30
3rd in age group 25-29


My goal was to be under 2 hours so I am very happy with my time and also very surprised with getting 3rd place.  From the results I was about average on the bike portion, but made up allot of time during both runs.  Overall it was very fun and this event will definitely be added to the list for next year.   


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