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Big Fish Duathlon

To answer a few people who are being funny, no I did not see any big fish.   None of the Triathletes that were in the lake reported seeing any either.  If there are any big fish at Big Fish Lake State Park, they were probably smart enough that morning to get out of the way of the “school” of swimmers that were disturbing the crystal clear lake.   The park was a nice location to hold the event and also 3disciplines did a great job as always with running the event.  Nice Transition area, well planned out patrolled course, water stations, goodies, and especially the ice cold finisher towel that you get after you cross the finish line.  How was the race?  Well it was hot!  I know that 80 degrees is not hot when you are sitting on the patio but when you are trying to complete an event, it is hot.  Once again my loving support was crazy enough to wake up early again with me and be at the event.   It is great having her there to support me.  I hope she knows how much she really means to me.  Oh the race…..    I started off the first 5K run portion and of course after the first mile I was going too fast!  For some reason I was on a mission to pass all of the other Duathletes that were in my age group.  I was succeeding but knew I had to save some gas for the rest of the event.  As I slowed down the pace a little the “slow down the rabbit” comments from a certain coach echoed in my head.  The run course was generally flat, some small hills but easy compared to what I have met before.  As I neared the transition area the heat was showing it effects, sweating like crazy, and my running shirt was turning into a weight instead of clothing.  Gulped some water and then on to the bike.   The bike course was 12 miles or what started our as gently rolling hills, good speed, passed a bunch of people, and felt pretty good.   But in the final couple miles of the bike portion we were greeted by hills, big hills!   The last one I think I was averaging only 5 miles per hour and it felt like I would have to walk my bike up it.  After making it through the bike portion I got some more water, Power Gel, and also dumped my running shirt at my station.  Usually on the bike I get cooled off but with the heat and also that last big hill I lost my shirt so that it would not weigh me down since it was soaked.  The final 5K run was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I kept a good pace, kept telling myself it was easy compared to the Ann Arbor Du trails, and kept working to pass the next person in front of me.  Even if I was not passing them for the first time since they were playing the same motivation game also.  I have also tried to get in the habit of offering words of encouragement as I pass people because I know how much I appreciate the same from fellow competitors.  I finished up as strong as I could and felt good about my performance.  Here are the final results:


Run 1 – 3.1 Miles – 22:42  7:19 pace
Transition #1 Time 1:39
Bike 12 miles – 44:16  16.8 mph avg speed
Transition #2 Time 1:23
Run 2 – 3.1 miles – 26:13  8:27 pace
Total 1:36:12
3rd in age group 20-29

I was 2nd place in my age group on the first run and the bike portion so my biking is improving.  The people in front of me beat me by 7 minutes or better on the bike portion so that was the big difference in the placing.   I am happy that I finished and will take a second straight 3rd place finish.  A higher place would be nice but I am simply grateful that I am able to complete these types of events and enjoy doing them. 


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  1. Al, you are really impressin gme with your attitude and determination. I don\’t know how you\’re finding time to train. I\’m actually starting to train again, knowing that I\’ll see you at an event sometime soon.

    Comment by Downtown | June 27, 2006 | Reply

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