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Running With a Cold

Leave it up to me to get sick in the middle of summer.  Running nose that I can not seem to catch, sore throat, losing my voice, and coughing.  I am not a medical professional by any means but I would diagnose myself with a cold.  It is not extreme by any means, and I have had much worse before.  At the present time Claritan is my friend by keeping the symptoms in check.  How does this affect my running?  Well the first couple miles are rough, breathing is off, and the run is a little “snotty”, to put it bluntly.  But after the first couple of miles I feel fine.  My breathing is back to my level of normal, and the nose stops running.  I guess that is a sign that my body enjoys running and can adapt to having a cold.   It is like the body forgets about the cold symptoms and concentrates on what it needs to do to get through the miles for that day.  Once I am done running I seem to feel fine for about another hour, a running high I would call it, but then the cold symptoms return.  Some people say to take time off and not run when you are sick, and wait till you get better.  Well for me I will keep running and hope this cold passes quickly. 


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