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Could This Be a Bad Dream?

One minute you feel as if all is right in your world, and you could not ask for anything more out of life.   All that your apart of and have feels perfect, secure, and like a true blessing.   Every new turn or challenge does not seem as difficult as they once were in the past.  You feel as if you finally understand what your life is all about and are thankful for all of the past experiences that have brought you to this point.  You say to yourself that you have made it, survived, and it was all worth it.  The dreams have come true and there is a happy ending. 

But just as quickly as that blessing entered your life it is now leaving.  You first hear the news and your reactions are mixed.  Maybe she simply needs some time to think things over?  Can this really be happening?  Perhaps we can talk things through and see what the problems are?  Is it me, what have I done wrong?  Then the time comes.  You actually get to see her for one last time.  Will this be the last time that I hear her voice, see her beauty, hug her and kiss her?  You treasure every minute of this time even though your heart aches, your eyes burn from the tears, and your heart feels empty.  Through all the pain you hang on every word she says, praying that she may change her mind.  Out of your love for her you respect her decision and tell her that you will be fine.  As she leaves you say your last goodbyes and keep telling yourself that this can not be happening.  If it is all a bad dream someone please wake me up you ask.  Praying that you wake up and see her lying next to you.  But more and more it sets in.  You realize what has just happened, she is gone.  Through all the pain you pray that she is happy and that she gets all that she is looking for out of life.  You still wish that you could have been part of her life, but you do want her to have what she wants, and to be happy.  Even if being happy means not being with you.  As you look back there are no regrets.  You are thankful for the time that she was a part of your life and all the experiences that you had together.  Thinking back does cheer you up a little and make you smile, but the thought of not being able to make more memories still hurts.  Maybe one day you will find each other again, maybe you will not.  It is time to wait and see where life takes us next.  


July 17, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. I\’m sorry. 😦

    Comment by Unknown | July 19, 2006 | Reply

  2. It was a short path traveled, which simply led "her" straight back to you.  There is no more confusion. The only confusion was simply not seeing what "she" had all along. "She" is where she wants to be and belongs.
    I love you baby!

    Comment by Softball_fury | July 21, 2006 | Reply

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