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Heat + Sweaty Mess = Stay Hydrated

How many different ways can someone ask you if it is hot enough outside?  Is it hot enough for you?  Isn’t it too hot to be running?  Why don’t you go run inside when it is this hot?  Those are some of the comments I have heard while out braving the heat these past couple of weeks.   Yes I have also head the “you are crazy” remark a little more often also.  My usual response is a wave or a simple hello.  One real way that I can tell that it is hot is when you pass the house with the dog(s) that on any other day, would make tons of noise and act like they were going to chase you down – now they simply lay there and look at you.   Not worth it to them when it is this hot I guess and they are panting just as bad as I am.  This heat has also made me appreciate bringing water with me on the run.  Stopping at a park drinking fountain or the corner store does not cut it when it is this hot.  So even though on a normal day I would consider it very annoying to carry around a sloshing water bottle, you may catch me with one. I still do the old take it half way and leave it by a tree or a bench also.   That creates a mental goal to keep going and run to the water.   I think a few other runners would understand that.  As for the sweaty mess part…. that is all I will say about that.  No need to gross anyone out.

On a better note the Craig Greenfield Memorial Triathlon & Duathlon is this weekend and my not so ambitious goal is to beat my time from last year – 1:52:12.  So think of me this Sunday morning or say a quick prayer for a good race.  If you are there cheering a GO TEAM always helps. 


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  1. is that triathlon sold out? that\’s what it says on the link..or am i reading it wrong? that\’s funny about the dogs just laying there instead of chasing after you..

    Comment by Unknown | August 2, 2006 | Reply

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