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Craig Greenfield Memorial Duathlon

It was a great morning for an event.  The sun was out, the sky was clear, and the temperature felt perfect.   Anything lower than the sauna like temperatures that we had earlier in the week would feel great, overall the great weather was a nice gift from above.  There were quiet a few other Team in Training alumni also doing the event and it was great to see them out there.  Maybe I should have worn a TNT jersey?  Oh well.  My goal was to stick with one of my fabulous TNT coaches, Janet, as long as I could during the race.  The reason for this is because I know that she is fast at these events, and it was a great motivator to push me through the event.  After watching some of the swimmers that were doing the Triathlon take off it was time to start the first run portion of the Duathlon.  At the start I took off and started a good longer stride for speed since I knew this first portion was only 2 miles.  At the first mile the Garmin gave about a 7 minute first mile.  That is fast!   So I slowed down and tried to let Janet dictate the pace the rest of the way.  I did not need to burn myself out on the first run portion.  After the first transition it was on to the bike portion.  I spent the first mile taking in fluids and getting comfortable on my bike.  This course has a few hills but is generally flat so you can maintain a fast average speed.  I am not sure exactly what mile it was at but Janet passed me and said that I was suppose to be in front to help her go faster.  So that motivated me to speed up and try to stay ahead.   I worked hard and stayed in front at a good pace feeling like I was being chased and could not let her pass me.  Thanks coach!  Great motivation on that one.  After the second transition I took in some Power Gel and began the run portion.  The legs felt good after coming off the bike for about the first half mile.  But then they got really heavy and I slowed down my pace.  This usually seems to happen so I need to work on that for the next event.   A few minutes into the run Janet caught up with me, and passed me.  I could see her slowly gaining a lead on me, my mind tried to speed up and catch her, but the body did not kick in.  That is the one part of the event that I was unhappy with.  I feel that I could have ran faster and made a better attempt to keep up, so there is always the next event to work on that.  I finished the final run portion strong for the last half mile.  The spectators and crowd all cheering really forces you to speed up and pass some people at the end.  Thank you so everyone that was there to support all of us, and thanks to Coach Janet for letting me tag along for a bit during the event.  I think we made a good team effort and helped each other along for the first two parts of the event.  Hopefully next time I can hang for the final portion of the event.  Here are the results:
Run 1 – 2 miles 13:59  7 minute pace        
Transition #1 Time 1:27
Bike 16 miles – 47:55  20.0 mph avg speed
Transition #2 Time 1:14
Run 2 – 4 miles – 26:13  9:08 pace
Total 1:44:42
2nd in age group 20-29
2nd place in my age group is the best finish for me this year in a Duathlon, and to date it the highest ranking in the Duathlon, I also received 2nd place in my age group for the Olympic Distance Duathlon at Stony Creek in 2005.  Maybe one day I can break into that 1st place ranking.  But the most notable achievement is that my time was over 7 minutes faster than my time last year at this event.  Improvement is always good, I am very thankful for it, and I hope to continue to improve in my running and biking.  Last of all, congratulations to Coach Janet.  She is very humble when I tell her that she is fast but some for some reason or another she received first place for all women in the Duathlon.  So that must be at least a little proof that she has some speed. 

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  1. Hey, it looks like you had a good race. Seven minute miles sounds crazy fast. Nice job.

    Comment by Unknown | August 7, 2006 | Reply

  2. Al, you are amazing. I was impressed with all of you guys. I\’m sure that you\’ll be able to work on the last run portion and achieve that 1st place status

    Coach Ken

    Comment by Downtown | August 8, 2006 | Reply

  3. I\’m proud of you, as always! Someday I\’m gonna be there to watch! 🙂 ~Kelly

    Comment by Unknown | August 10, 2006 | Reply

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