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Longer Training Runs and Fundraising

It is funny how the longer training runs start creeping up on you.   10 miles, 12, miles, 14 miles… Then as you do a double take you see that you scheduled yourself to run 16 miles as your long run for the week.  Yikes!  I know I love this running thing, but whose idea was this aggressive schedule?  That’s right it was my idea.   More longer runs so that I am hopefully more prepared for the parts of the marathon when I have had issues.  I swear that idea came from advice and some articles that I read.  Plus I need to remember to work on a slower consistent pace.   One fast run a week is fine, but all the others need to be a slower marathon pace.  And just as the training is starting to increase so is the fundraising.  Bucket drives and a bar crawl are all on the calendar.  Plus various other fundraisers that I will help out with.  The fun is only beginning and I am along for the ride.  Last but not least there are less than three months until marathon day.   Mark Sunday, October 29th on your calendar as an appointment to be in downtown Detroit cheering me on.  Here is a link to the start area and course maps:


Which miles are you meeting me at?  High fives and sweaty hugs to all that attend.


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  1. Dude, you kept a killer pace today. You and Dana looked like you were sprinting. I\’m feeling today\’s run. But I deserve it. I skipped the last two long runs and didn\’t even attempt to make them up…I\’m going to try and make it to your bar crawl thing. I also forwarded the flier to all my friends. I hope some of them will join. I would really like to run faster but I suppose that skipping runs isn\’t a good way to do that. I think your strategy of going for a more aggressive schedule is going to work better than mine. See you at Stony! Margarita

    Comment by Unknown | August 12, 2006 | Reply

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