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The Reason Why

People ask me all the time; Why do you run so many miles?  How can you run outside when it is 10 degrees or when it is 90 degrees?   How can you make yourself run for over 3 hours straight?  Why do you do all that fundraising work?  How can you handle asking people for donations?  There are actually two answers to each one of those questions – For the cause and believe it or not I enjoy it!  The enjoying it part is my own mental motivation, sometimes I even question myself on where that comes from.  As for the cause, when I read e-mails like the one I received below it brings to the surface of how all of the fundraising is helping others, and how me putting myself though 3 hours of running is not that bad compared to what our honored heroes live with every day.  I may have pinched some nerves, stress fractures, and who knows what other countless injuries but it is all worth it if it helps make another persons life a little bit better.  Here is the e-mail that was sent out by one my fellow Team in Training Mentors:

Hello beautiful people,

I hope this email finds you all in great health and joyous spirits. After four months of treating my Lymphoma, I am happy to report that I am in remission!

I still have to undergo monthly blood tests and some optional “maintenance therapy” for the next six months to two years — a drug (Zometa) to strengthen my bones and protein (Rituxan) for my blood, which will hopefully increase my chances of being cured by 3 to 5%. To be honest, I was hoping that I was done with the needles and the doctors and all that, but God willing, as long as the chemo and the steroids are all behind me, I’m happy. (A little side note for everyone who’s ever asked me what treatment is like: Chemo can be a bit tough, but in my experience, the side effects pale in comparison to those that come with taking steroids — incredible moodiness and constantly feeling both hungry and full 24/7. Fortunately, I only had to take the steroids five times a day the first five days of each cycle.)

I’m also going to City of Hope (a cancer center in LA) for a second opinion (as per my oncologist’s suggestion) to determine whether or not I will need a higher dose of chemotherapy and/or stem cell transplant to increase my chances of being cured. According to my oncologist, it’s unlikely that the doctors will recommend either, but I’m prepared for whatever they tell me. After all, we might not be able to control everything that life places before us (and who would want to?), but we can definitely control our attitude.

I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, support and prayers. Every phone call, email, card, care package, lit candle, prayer session, donation to the LLS and visit made my heart smile and gave me strength during the loneliest moments when all I wanted was to be dancing on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

I hope and pray that life continues to give you plenty of reasons to smile and feel blessed.

Love and blessings,

🙂 Chantal


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  1. Al, maybe great minds think alike…

    Comment by Downtown | August 20, 2006 | Reply

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