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CRIM 10 Mile Run

The morning started off gray, and the air was very thick from the high humidity.  It looked like it wanted to rain any second and I actually wished that it would at least a little so that the humidity may go down.  On the way to Flint, MI I was worried that the high humidity would make it hard for me to breathe like it has in the past, which leads to heavy legs, and makes running difficult.  The worrying decreased a little as my Dad, my brother Jonathan and I talked as we drove to the race.  This would be the second time that my Dad and I have ran this race, and the first time for my brother.   The up and coming rookie of the family to running that I know will be passing by me sooner or later at one of these races.  After arriving in Flint, parking, and getting ready for the race we walked towards the starting area.  As we walked toward the event area the party had already begun.  The city of Flint and the CRIM organizers did a great job once again.  The race organizers had another great setup and there were tons of fans ready to cheer everyone on.  Everyone from TNT had planned to meet at a certain area of the start area so we headed over and began looking for white TNT Training Jerseys.  Slowly TNT’ers started to appear and we all talked, laughed and got rid of our pre-race jitters.  My goal for the race was to beat my time from last year of 1:37:39 and also keep up with Coach Ken for the entire race.  He had started earlier that he was aiming to run 8 minute miles, so maybe a little too aggressive of a goal for me but what did I have to lose.  First they sent off the 30 Year CRIM runners.  A distinguished group of runners that have ran this race every year for the 30 years that it has been held.  I hope to be able to be running for 30 years or more.  Then the gun when off and the race started.  Due to it being a large race we made our way slowly to the starting line, and then were able to start running.   We made our way with crowd, talked to people, yelled, and laughed at Coach Ken’s remarks.  Actually everyone laughed at his remarks so it was free course entertainment for all.  Plus all of the fans on the course, people handing out beer and doughnuts added to the fun.  No, I did not take any beer like I did during the Detroit Marathon in 2005 towards the end of the course.  I was running too fast and was not sure how my stomach would handle it.  It was rough keeping up an 8 minute per mile pace with all the hills on the course and the humidity was starting to take its toll on me.  I was very proud of my brother.  I think he kept with Coach Ken and I for about 4.5 miles.  I know that he was working hard but also enjoying himself.   I did not last much longer.   The hills began to eat away at me and I started to slow down around 5.5 miles.   I tried to keep Coach Ken in my sights for next half mile and kept telling myself that I would catch up but it never happened.  So I stayed at a slower pace than I was previously running and continued on.  After passing the 9 mile marker I knew the final turn was coming up on to one the best course finishes that I have ran.  The final stretch is in the downtown area of Flint, the road is brick paved cobblestone, and it is all downhill.   Plus the street is lined with cheering fans so you can not help but to run fast.  Right as I touched the first brick it was like I was energized and began sprinting.  I began passing people, I could hear the wind going by and I felt strong.  I wish I could have felt that way the entire race, but feeling that was for the final stretch was enough of a gift.  I finished with a time of 1:27:50 and a pace per mile of 8:47.  That time is about 10 minutes better than last year so a great improvement.   Maybe next year I can get closer to that 8 minute per mile pace. 


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  1. This is a very good read. I agree that this was a super fun race. Good job on your time!

    Comment by Unknown | August 29, 2006 | Reply

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