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Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh my!

Last Saturday we had our group run at the Lake Orion, MI Hanson’s store.  The temperature was cool and partly cloudy.  A perfect morning for a long run.  There was rain in the forecast but we had not seen any yet.   Directions of the course were passed our since we had been told the course had changed, plus most of us had planned on doing out and back routes, so the mileage estimates on the directions would help.  We all headed out together in a big group and stayed together for about the first half mile.  Then the separate pace groups began to form as we all continued on.   Now I was told that this course was hilly and everyone was right.  There were steep hills, S-Curves, pot holes, mud, it was a blast believe it or not.  Most of the hills were in the beginning it seemed so it was nice to get them out of the way.  Great training for a hill race or event.  I will have to try to run that course a few times before the CRIM next year.  For some reason most of the street corners were not marked or missing street signs, so that made it interesting.  “Do we turn here?  Who has the directions out?  Tell the group in front that they need to turn around.   Now we are the lead group so we had better make the next turn correctly.”  Plus I caught myself running downhill and trying to read directions at the same time as my group moved ahead.  The funny thing is that I simply pulled out the directions started reading them, and then realized that it may not be a good idea to read and run downhill at the same time.  The run also took us on part of the northern Paint Creek and Polly Ann Trails.  So if was very scenic and lots of evidence that horse farms were nearby.  At times questions would arise if we were near civilization and the phrase “Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh my!”, was chanted.  We did not hear the banjo from Deliverance so I felt safe and seeing an occasional house helped.  As if we were not having enough fun the sky’s opened up and we were treated to a down pour for the last 3 miles.  It is fun running in the rain, but down pours with thunder and lightning makes it even more interesting.  Some people would stop the activity that they are doing when a storm hits, but as runners that are still a few miles away from the finish, our mentality tells us to keep going.  So by the time that we finished most of the mud was washed off and the shoes were also cleaned.  Overall it was a hard and fun course to run.  It was a nice change from Stony Creek and also the water stations that were setup really helped.    

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  1. Thanks for the blow-by-blow. Sounds like so much fun! I\’m sorry I missed it. 😦

    Comment by Unknown | September 11, 2006 | Reply

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