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Rain, Wind, Steam, and Singing?

Saturday’s long run would be another 18 mile run.   The weather was much cooler than we have been running in plus rain was in the forecast.  We started out and most of the group stayed together all talking and enjoying the run.  After a couple of miles we began to break into smaller groups as we slipped into our long run paces.  On the way back from the Nature Center the rain had already started but we were also treated to wind that made the rain feel like hail at times.  Running into the rain and wind made us use the drafting technique which may help some people but, when you are the person that is in front it can be challenging.  I have to admit though that when you are leading, and fighting the elements, it really forces you to maintain a strong running form.  I also learned that the cold rain produces steam off of my body when we would stop for water.  Funny and entertaining!  Lately on our longer runs we have been asking essay type questions that require some thought and a long answer, and also playing improv type games to keep us going.   This Saturday we added another new long run technique.  Singing while running – no headphones necessary.  I will admit that singing while you are running is not the best sounding thing but it keeps the group going.  One person would start a line to a song and then everyone would else would sing along, or laugh.  We got allot of weird looks from people passing by as if we were crazy, but I assured them that we were not delirious.  I know that we will be using all of our running game techniques to keep us going on the 20 mile run this week.
Here is quote that I read today that applies to life and is very inspiring:
“It’s not how many times you fall down that matters, it’s how many times you get back up."

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  1. Get those lyrics ready for the big 2 – 0. Great job out there keeping those ladies going.

    Comment by Downtown | October 2, 2006 | Reply

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