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Nankin Mills 20 Miler

It was a cold crisp morning as a group of us drove down to Westland, MI for the 20 Mile Run.  You can tell that fall has officially arrived by the extra layers of clothes and being able to see your breath.  After arriving at Nankin Mills we headed over to the TNT tent to get our race numbers and also our event day packets for the upcoming marathons.  Then the pre-race rituals began.   Stretching, some water, race belt, Gel packs ready, and since it was only about 42 degrees, waiting as long as possible to lose the extra layers.  The weather forecast predicted that the temperature was suppose to be in the 60’s in a couple of hours so I decided to not wear any extra layers so that I would not have to drop or carry them.  I did wear a pair of gloves though since those can be carried very easily when I do not need them.  We all made our way back towards the TNT tent, talked to a lot of people, and got to see people I have not seen in awhile.   When it was time to start we made our way to a spot in the middle of the pack and off we went.   The first couple miles were great.  Talking to everyone along the way, and having a great time with the crowd of runners as we all slowly broke into our smaller pace groups.  We stayed at a good consistent pace the entire time, right around 9:40 – 9:30 minutes per mile.   The temperature slowly warmed up and the miles seemed to go by very quickly.   I contribute this to our fun running group click that we have created, and also the newer course that we were running.  Everything seemed to go perfect.  I felt like I had good energy the whole way and I was even able to do some racing at the end.  I never thought I would be able to have energy for a strong kick towards the end of a 20 Mile Run.  It appears the training schedule this time around with longer mileage and a more consistent pace is working well.  I simply hope that everything seems to go as perfect at the marathon as it did on Saturday.  Thank you to everyone that has helped me make it this far!  You know who you are and you are all an inspiration in my life.          

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  1. Great job Al! Now let\’s hope for decent weather and then you can really see if your schedule has worked. I think doing your long runs with women helped take your mind off the miles also………
    TNTCoach Ken

    Comment by Downtown | October 9, 2006 | Reply

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