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T Minus 12 Days

As I watch the days slowly roll by up to marathon day I find myself excited and anxious for the day to come.  I have found myself wishing that when I woke up that it would be pre-race morning.  I feel ready, I know I am ready and I hope that all this confidence does not turn into over confidence.  So yes I am of course still nervous.  Not as nervous as before my past two marathons, but there is still nervous emotion mixed in.  When I start thinking about what could go wrong on race day most of the bad thoughts are extinguished with knowing that I have been there before.  I know how hitting the wall feels and how to push through it.  I have learned what pains that my body can push through, and which ones mean slow down for a little bit.  I know what to expect at certain points of the marathon, and I feel that my fueling strategy is as good as it can get.  So I am ready for that day.  To line up in the starting corral and take on another experience in my life.  The same type of experience that I swore I would never do again last May around mile 18 of the Nashville Marathon.  But some how I once again registered, trained, fundraised, and here we go again.  I have to admit that I am glad that I did not follow the promise that I made to myself to never do another marathon.   I would have missed all this fun!  I guess some promises in life are actually okay to break.     
Well enough about me and my obsessive behavior.  Remember admitting it is the first step……
I want to wish all of the TNT runners and walkers that are heading out to San Francisco good luck in their events.  Remember to enjoy every minute of the trip and wear that medal proudly.  Just remember to take it off before going through security on the way home.    

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