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Detroit 2006 #1 – Pre Race

Saturday morning I woke up and to my amazement I actually slept very well through the night.  No waking up and thinking about the marathon, worrying about the weather, or if I needed to run to the store to get something.  I was not heading down to Detroit until later that afternoon so I had plenty of time to get everything packed.  As I was packing the weather was on my mind.  Would it be the cold rain on marathon morning that we were currently having?  I know that we have trained in weather like this before but this type of weather would not be my first choice of optimum conditions.  Perhaps all the thousands of people that were praying for good weather for Sunday morning would do some good.  After I packed too much stuff as I always do I looked at the clock and had about 30 minutes to sit, relax, and clear my head.  This may sound odd to people that know me, but that is exactly what I did.  I thought about all the fears of what could go wrong during the race. For each one I thought about how I was taught to overcome that fear, or had actually made it though that type of issue in the past.  That really helped build my confidence and all that was left to get over was being anxious to complete the race.  But that anxiety or feeling of being ready was with me since my second 20 Mile Training run so one more day would hurt me.  My Dad picked me up and we headed down to Detroit.  He was running his first half marathon on Sunday also.  After we got checked into the hotel we headed over to the Expo.  We ran into some fellow runners that we knew, checked out the vendors, and picked up our race packets.   That evening was the Team in Training Pasta Party.   I was able to work the Red Carpet Line for this one and congratulate all of the TNTer’s as they entered the party.  It was so rewarding for me to see all of the runners and walkers that I knew arrive for the party.   The rookies that I had watched and helped achieve their goals, and also the fellow alumni that were always ready with good advice.  I have to admit that a tear or two sneaked out.  As we all ate we were treated to some great speakers tell their stories.  It was the perfect mix of humor and emotion that reminded us all why we were there.  After the Pasta Party we all headed back to our rooms and prepared for the next morning.                

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