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Detroit 2006 #2 – Race Morning

3:45AM  -yes that time is correct.  After waking up every hour I figured that I had enough sleep and I might as well get up.  I did manage to fall asleep rather early the night before plus with the clocks being turned back one hour I felt like I had enough sleep.  I had laid out all my clothes and race gear the night before so I took my time getting ready.  I looked outside to check the weather and there was no rain!  It was still a chilly 36 degrees and the wind was howling, but no rain was a plus.   I honored my pre race/long mileage ritual and had the waffles that I cooked in my room with my toaster.  Sorry room service, I doubt that you would be able to provide 8 plain Eggo waffles at 5:00AM.  After my Dad and I were ready we headed down to the lobby to meet all of the TNT’ers for pictures and to walk to the start of the race.  It was funny to see everyone head down to the lobby all bundled up for the cold.  I think each of us had at least one extra layer of clothes on that we would dump in the beginning of the race.  I have always been told that all the clothes that are dumped during the race are collected and donated so I guess they are not really thrown away.  After pictures we headed down to the starting area.  The cold wind was fierce but by the looks on everyone’s faces you could see that even that wind was not breaking anyone’s confidence.  No one looked panic, and the eerie silence was an indication where everyone’s thoughts were.  After getting to the start area and taking care of one of natures requirements, I lined up in the race corral near the 4 hour pace group.           

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