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Detroit 2006 #4 – Post Race

I crossed the finish line, received my medal, blanket, TNT Pin, and also had my chip removed.  I then slowly walked to get some water and sat down on the turf.  I slowly looked around and watched people finish the race.  There were people that were smiling ear to ear, people that looked ready to pass out, and others that were crying from all the emotions that a marathon finish can bring.  Then it hit me as I looked at my Garmin watch.  I had beaten my last marathon time by about 29 minutes.  That was amazing!  Even with the cold weather and the nasty wind.  I am not sure if the emotions were waiting for the right moment to come out, but after realizing how all the training and support had paid off I quietly shed some tears.  My body and emotions have been though a lot this training session and it deserved to let some of the emotion out.  After congratulating some of the other TNT’ers that were on the field and also Coach Ken I started to look for my Dad.  He completed his first half marathon that day and said that we was going to wait for me at the stadium.  I found him relaxing in the stands then we headed back to the hotel.  Here are the final stats:
4:15:29 – total time.
8:15 – Under Water Mile
4,532 calories burned according to the Garmin.
No black toe nails!
No bloody body parts!
No muscle cramps!
6 Power Gel Packets consumed during the race.
1 pack of Jelly Belly Power Beans consumed during the race.
And a 10 minute ice bath afterwards that always helps.
I want to close these long Detroit posts by saying my thank you’s.  Thank you Lord for allowing me another great experience. Thank you to my family, parents and friends for putting up with all of my crazy training, running talk, and fundraising.  If I am still on your Spam filter lists, I understand.  Thank you to everyone that was out on the course cheering for me.  You all helped propel me across the finish line.  Thanks to all the course support volunteers and water station volunteers.  Thanks Dad for being there at the finish.  I hope that you enjoyed your first half marathon.  Thank you to everyone at Team in Training!  My awesome “Team Experience” group.  Thanks to all the TNT staffers and TNT Alumni.  You are always there when we need you.  Thank you to our awesome Coach Janet!   You are the real Superstar and we are all simply trying to keep up with you!  Last of all thank you to everyone that contributed to my fundraising and the cause.  Without all of you I mentioned above none of this would be possible.

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  1. i\’d been looking for a new post!!! congrats. i\’m proud, in awe and quite frankly, a little bit jealous!! What an amazing performance. all your hard work paid off. and you know you trained really well. i am proud of you. regarding your other thoughts, i have come to accept the fact that it is an amazing thing to accept the gifts that people give us. like you, tnt has given me so much. the people, to start with, are amazing. but the whole thing is really life changing. being healthy, doing something for charity. the whole package is quite the gift. and regarding the post you just left me on my blog, there IS a little celebration. tonight at cinq. come if you can make it!! it\’s low key but would love to see the happy faces of the people who have made my year so nice. (but go running too:)) grateful over here, margarita

    Comment by Unknown | November 2, 2006 | Reply

  2. Al, I want to be like you when I grow up. You are da man!!! No cramps, tell me how you did that. You have definitely raised the bar. I can\’t wait to read what you have planned next, keep up the great work.
    TNT Coach Ken

    Comment by Downtown | November 2, 2006 | Reply

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