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2006 Ends

Can it be the end of another year already?  Where does the time go?  What an amazing year it has been.  There have been good times, sad times, and I have learned many things along the way.  All in all I would say that it has been a good year.  But how does one measure that a year has been good or successful?  I guess each person has their own way of looking back on life and seeing how a year went.  I like to take the positive route and analyze what happens and find the good things in life.  Even the bad moments happen for a purpose and if you look hard enough you can always learn something from a bad experience.  We all know that everything can not be perfect or work out the way we had planned.  Life simply happens and at times I feel like I am simply along for the ride. This year I was blessed with many good experiences, and new people that touched my life in some way.  Some of the experiences were quick flashes that are vividly implanted in my memory and some have become long stories that are often shared.  The new people that touched my life have made life better, more interesting, taught me things along the way, and some have also become people that inspire me.  Thank you to everyone that has been part of my life in 2006.  Thank you for the good times, yes even the bad times, the advice, inspiration, the brave souls that logged endless miles with me, and last but not least for putting up with me.  I know that I can be a handful at times.  I think everyone has their moments and when that happens the true people that care about you show their true colors.  While I am thanking people(sorry if I miss anyone);  Thank you to the Lord above, all of my family, my Parents, my brothers and sisters – you are growing up to fast.  Thank you to all my friends – all of your support has been amazing – remember all the good times.  Thank you to all of my fellow TNTer’s – Coach Ken, Coach Janet, the TNT Staff, Margarita – good luck in Phoenix, Bridget – our Hood to Coast Captain, Bob, Jill, Dana, Steve M, Amy, Amber, Tim, Christina and Michelle.   All of you are the best runners in the world and I will run or race with you anywhere.   I could go on forever so I will close this post by wishing everyone good luck and good experiences in 2007.

December 29, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. thanks for the mention!! thanks for running with me this year!! thanks for being a good influence in my life. you can never have too much of that. here\’s to a year of lots of running, adventure and good times. your friend, margarita

    Comment by Unknown | December 30, 2006 | Reply

  2. Al, it has truly been a pleasure running, laughing and just being in your presence this year. As the song says, \’Thanks for the memories\’.TNT Coach Ken

    Comment by Downtown | January 2, 2007 | Reply

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