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Winter Running

It looks like winter is sticking around.   We now have snow and ice to go with the cold temperatures.   This combination makes getting in the miles very interesting.  I have read a few times that running in the snow is suppose to help strengthen your legs, and also help your stride when climbing hills due to the fact that you have to push off a little harder.  One thing I have noticed in the past two weeks is that my ankles are a little sore after my runs.  That must be due to the snow on the ground.  Plus my stride get messed up if I encounter icy spots during a run.  As long as the strengthening that the articles claims happens during winter running is actually occurring then I guess there is true benefit.  Running outside in the winter also has some fun things.  For example the scenery seems to be different when it is snow covered.  Even places that you have ran by lots of times look different.  Running outside at night when the ground is snow covered also seems to create more light after the sun goes down.  At times it seems like a fun eerie glow is coming off of the snow.  The last thing that I have noticed lately is that the stars seem brighter at night during the winter.  I am not an astrology major so this could be due to the rotation of the Earth during the winter season.  I am not really sure.  Perhaps the cold weather is simply playing games with my head. 
T-Miuns 2 weeks till race season is back!  After a couple of months of no racing there are two events coming soon on the schedule.  The Bumper Run at Stony Creek and the Heat the Streets Event in downtown Detroit.  Are there more Personal Records in my future?

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