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People Auction and Masked Runners

Last Friday we tried out a new fundraising idea.  Well it was not exactly an original idea, people have done this type of fundraiser before.  We held a Bachelor and Bachelorette Auction.  I have to admit there was a lot of planning and prep-work involved but all the hard work paid off.  We filled the room full of people, actually had to many people that wanted to be auctioned off, and raised a good amount of money in the process.  Plus everyone said that had a great time and wants to know we are going to go it again.  Actually I think the couples and people that were spoken for had more fun watching the auction, then the people that were apart of the auction..  So the entertainment for the night was definitely provided.  All in all the experiment was successful and profitable for a good cause.  Thank you to everyone that helped make the event a success!
The few of us that were brave enough, or need our heads checked, were out for training last Saturday.  With temperatures in the single digits most of us felt like Randy from the movie “A Christmas Story” with all the layers we were wearing.  Wearing masks to protect our faces was a must as the air was fridged and the wind attempted to stop us from climbing the hills.  To the normal observer we must of all looked like a gang of bank robbers in training with most of us only having our eyes exposed to identify us.  I guess the people that were wearing sunglasses also would never be captured.  Please join me in wishing and praying that it warms up soon.                

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