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Racing Season is Back

Racing Season got off to a chilly start on Wednesday February 7th.  The annual Bumper Run started around 6:10PM at Stony Creek.  The temperature was around 10 degrees and the strong Stony wind was blowing away.  For some strange reason the wind always seems stronger or there is more wind at Stony Creek.  You can walk out of the door at your house, no wind.  But then drive to Stony, step out of your truck and get blown away.  So with the cold air and wind I has on plenty of layers.  I tired to keep a good strong pace for the entire 6 miles on the very familiar loop.  I know the loop all to well, but in the dark, even with my head lamp, there were some places that felt like I was running them for the first time.  The strong wind made getting up some of the small inclines interesting and I was even able to pass some people on the inclines.  I guess I am getting stronger on hills.  The run was a nice change from the normal Wednesday night run near my house so the variety was good.  My time for the 6 miles was 49:34.
Three days later it was back to racing again.  This time I headed down to Detroit with my Dad for the Heat the Streets run.  After we arrived we headed to the starting area and socialized with the other crazy runners who were out to brave the cold for a run through Detroit.  The race started off well I was feeling good and the form was good also.   After the first mile I think the cold started to get to me.  My breathing felt off.  I was trying long breaths and then short breaths but I could not get a consistent rhythm going.  It felt like I was working harder then I needed to which in turn made my legs feel heavy.  I would go a quarter of a mile feeling good and then the next quarter was bad.  But I tried to focus on good running form and pushed through to the end.  My final time for the 10K was 51:38.  My goal was to be under 49 minutes but there are plenty of 10K’s in my future to hit that goal. 
Both runs were enjoyable and I am glad the race season is back.            

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