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You Know You’re A Marathoner When. . .

I wanted to share with all if you what a fellow blogger posted on her site.  You may have read some of these before.  How many apply to you?
~ Your "easy" runs top the weekly mileage of 95% of the general population.
~ You eat like a 400 lb. man, and look like you’re starving.
~ You miss a run and you’re irritable and pissy all day and evening, as well as the next day.
~ People avoid you when you’re tapering.
~ Your friends gag when they catch a glimpse of your toes.
~ You roll your eyes when people talk about low carb diets.
~ "18 weeks" becomes your most important unit of time.
~ You start debating about Higdon.
~ You’d rather run a marathon than go on a "real" holiday.
~ You no longer think people who run marathons are crazy.
~ After finishing a really tough 26.2-mile run, your first thought is: "Next race, I’m going to…."
~ You have a pile of shoes in your closet because you feel like you have to have new running shoes every 400 miles.
~ Any run less than 16 miles feels like an easy workout.
~ You spend too much time on the Internet reading about other peoples’ workouts.
~ You say you’re going out for a short run and come back two hours later.
~ You think high 40s/low 50s and overcast sounds like perfect weather.
~ You think it’s completely normal to put band-aids on your nipples.
~ When someone mentions that they live in another city, you immediately think, "Oh, I hear that’s a good running city" or "Good God! I couldn’t live there! Their marathon is cruddy and there’s nowhere to run!"
~ You start to lobby elected officials to revoke "right turn on red" laws. You don’t understand why everyone in your office thinks that’s crazy.
~ You get up earlier on weekends than you do during the work week.
~ You shower about 12 times a week.
~ You try to negative split mowing your lawn.
~ You wonder if you can get your business suits made out of Coolmax.
~ Every time you see a runner when you’re driving you feel like you too should be running, even if you ran 15 miles earlier in the day.
~ Your favorite shorts, singlet, socks and shoes cost three times as much as the clothes you got married in.
~ You tell your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend that you want a marathon entry as a birthday present.
~ You think 40 miles is an easy week.
~ When you’re driving somewhere and you see a distance to next town sign and automatically calculate how long it would take to run there.
~ You plan your vacations around your training schedule. A trip to Colorado is an opportunity to get some great hill work in. You could never imagine going on a cruise or a small Caribbean island. Trying to map out a 20 miler would be too hard.
~ Actually thought about PowerGel as a dessert topping.
~ When someone asks you how far you are planning to run, you say "I’m ONLY doing 10 today".
~ When your non-running friends stop calling you to hang out the night before you do your long runs.
~ You start planning your training for the next marathon before you finish the one your training for now.
~ You wear more electronics on a run than are in the dash of your car.
~ You are excited about an upcoming birthday because it will bump you up to a new age group and make it easier to get into Boston.
~ You tell non-runners you ran 5 miles when you really ran 15. Just so you won’t have to sit through the "Wow, that’s far!" conversation.
~ You can’t cuddle with your significant other at night because you have ice on your knees, or your shins, or ….
~ You gasp when you see someone running in everyday gym socks.
~ Your best watch is a Timex.
~ Your car smells a little sweaty from your running shoes in the back seat.
~ Your tan line is just above your ankles
~ (For females) Your calendar plots out for the next several months what training races will likely fall just before or during that "special time of the month." It’s also a factor when considering what marathon to run! (I never thought of this. What a great idea!)

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  1. Great blog, as a veteran marathoner I am still laughing at the list. Very clever.
    If you get a chance, please visit my running web site, <a href="http://www.faithfulsoles.com">Faithful Soles</a>. I have a categorized and searchable Running Blog Database on there and would appreciate it if you would <a href="http://www.faithfulsoles.com/fsblogregister.htm">link your blog</a> to it.  I also have my own <a href="http://faithfulsoles.blogspot.com">blog</a&gt;, but most of my information is on the main web site. Thanks and continued good luck in your training.

    Comment by Unknown | February 21, 2007 | Reply

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