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20 Degrees

With all the freezing temperatures that we are having an increase of 20 degrees in the temperature comes with a fanfare welcome.  Not one of those small entrance fanfares with a few trumpets, but the type of fanfare when you are coming towards the finish of a race and the crowd is so thick that your path is cut down.  Even though your path has been narrowed you are not annoyed at all.  You are happy and sometimes even tearful to have everyone cheering you on as you use their energy to propel you towards the finish line.  Most runners will know what I am talking about.  That may seem exaggerated but that is simply how I feel.  It is amazing how this increase in temperature had positive effects on my run last night.  I think it took half as long to get ready due to not having to wear so many layers.   It was much easier to breathe during my run, which in turn made my legs feel strong and not heavy like they have lately.  Due to it being warmer my attitude was a little more positive than normal, my form felt good, and I was running a faster pace.  Last of all, the melting snow made for some puddles so the splashing around made me feel like a little kid at times.  The combination of all of these things helped me enjoy the run and I would have to say it was one of the more enjoyable runs that I have had in awhile.  So last night I discovered that just like with life, it is the little things that can make for a good run. 

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