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T – Minus 4 Weeks

Countdowns that stare at you as you look at the training schedule.  The miles get higher and higher each week.  Sometimes it feels like they are laughing at me.  I look at the current training schedule and see the challenges that I have setup for myself.  Am I really that crazy?  Perhaps I should start fundraising for a stay at the Looney bin.  I wonder if the straight jacket is a good look?  But if it were for runners I imagine that the straps would be wrapped around the feet.  It is T – Minus 4 weeks to the first Marathon of the year for me.  On April 1st I plan on running with the Martians at the Martian Marathon.  I have to admit that signing up for this marathon was on accident or was it more of people saying, “You can do another one.”  I guess we will never know.  This day was originally scheduled as a 20 Miler in preparation for the Bayshore Marathon but why not run an extra 6.2 miles while I am there, get a cool shirt and a medal.  I know at least a few of you understand my crazy running logic behind this.  There is very little logic when it comes to running.  Plus a person that plans on running three marathons this year, maybe four if I do the Detroit Marathon, has lost most of their logic brain cells.  Those brain cells must burn off during the high mileage when your body is looking for anything to use as energy.  That may explain why runners set higher goals and seem more crazy as time goes on.  So if you are not doing anything on Sunday April 1st come out to UofM Dearborn cheer all of us on, and wish us happy April Fools Day too!   But remember we like to be called “crazy” not “fools”.  There is a difference. 

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