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T – Minus 2 days till Marathon #4

This one has all the ingredients for an interesting event.  The weather forecast is Cloudy with numerous showers and scattered thunderstorms. Highs 61 to 65.  Start temperatures are suppose to be in the high 40’s.  I love the warmer temperatures, but the showers and thunderstorms can make for challenging running conditions.  We could all end being lightning rods in the course, but hopefully the storms will stay away until after the event is over.  Plus the course is setup in a area that often floods so we could be running an alternate course instead.  “Everyone we were going to send you that way, but now you are going this way instead.”  I feel for the race directors if they had to organize a last minute change like that.  But interesting always makes the run fun and enjoyable.  I can hear one of those famous movie announcers in my head, “It was a dark and stormy morning, as thousands of brave runners made their trek down the course of the Martian Marathon.”  It would probably be more dramatic than that, but that is best I could come up with.  I have been tapering like I am suppose to for the past two weeks.  Tapering is always mentally challenging for me but I think I have learned the benefits so I am getting better with the idea.  Plus, knock on wood, no weird pains or lingering soreness, so I feel ready as I can be.  The last interesting ingredient is my goal for the event.  I do want to try and have fun with this event but also I have a goal time of under 4 hours.  The course is flat and plus there will be a lot of fellow TNTer’s out there running also so that should help me reach my goal.  Their support is always welcomed.  I know that under 4 hours is not a world class time but it is a big goal that I want to hit.  I never dreamed that I would ever finish one marathon in my life, let alone be going for time goals in this event.  I am very thankful that I have made it this far.  Check back a couple of days after the event and I will do my best to post the full race report like I have in the past. 

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