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Martian Marathon 2007 #1 – Pre Race

I woke up Saturday morning and the excitement of the upcoming marathon had truly set in.  I was in full preparation mode.  Checking the weather forecast, getting my gear together, and going over the race strategy countless times in my head.  Some may call it being obsessive but it feels like proper planning to me.  I had volunteered to work the Team in Training Information booth at the race expo that afternoon so down to Dearborn I went.  I am actually grateful that I was heading down to the expo the day before the race because thanks to the directions from the internet I took an extra 10 minute tour of the area.  At least I would know the correct way of getting there on Sunday morning.  The expo was larger than I had expected.  There was a good number of vendors and people promoting their upcoming events.  I worked at the Team in Training Booth for about 4 hours telling people all about the program and the events that were coming up in the fall.  Plus I was able to share stories with alumni that stopped by to say hello.  After the expo I headed back home.  Had a big meal of pasta, big surprise, and got all of my race gear packed, and laid out for the morning.  The weather forecast was warm temperatures but numerous showers with possible thunderstorms.  So I feel asleep knowing that the next morning could be very interesting.    

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