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Martian Marathon 2007 #2 – Race Morning

I woke up a little bit before my alarm went off at 5AM.  I laid there and listened, yes that was heavy rain that I heard outside.  If it had been raining this bad all night then we may be running on an alternate course.   I would have to wait until we got to the event to find out.  After getting ready I headed outside and the rain had slowed down to a drizzle.  It was warm and drizzle is never that bad to run in.  As we were driving to the event the rain seemed to let up.  No sun yet but no heavy rain, which is a good thing.  Once we arrived at the event we made our way to the starting area and looked for the rest of the TNT Crew.  We were able to watch the kids 1.2 mile race start and finish.  It was really cool to see all of them come running in as fast as they could.  I could see a lot of fast future runners in that group.  All of the kids that were running were completing the last portion of their marathon.  All of the kids were given a month to run 25 miles on their own and log the miles.  Then they ran their last 1.2 miles at a real start and finish line, crowd support, and even received medals.  What a great program for the kids.  As our start time neared closer the sky actually grew a little darker and it drizzled for a few minutes.  Everyone was chatting it up and taking pictures.  But the rain did stop before the start gun and we were off.

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