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Martian Marathon 2007 #3 – 26.2 Mile Experience IV

A good group of us TNT’ers started off together at a conservative first mile pace.  See how I felt, work though the crowd and not burn up in the first couple of miles.  One of my teammates Jeff was planning on running the entire marathon with me, but treat it as a training run for him.  A little background information – Jeff is am Ultra Marathoner, those really crazy people that run 50 mile races.  He had actually ran 24 miles the day before as another training run but I still thought that I would go too slow for him during this event.  As the course rolled on we were able to run the original course through Hines Park since the park had not flooded like we though it might.  As the miles rolled on the crowd slowly thinned out and most of us fell into our planned paces.  We made as many jokes as we could, talked to all the runners that we passed, even picked up some runners to run with us for awhile, and yelled at the small crowds.  Once again the theory of having a running partner proved to be true.  It was a very enjoyable run and I had a very positive outlook for the rest of the race.  The new Power Gel strategy was working well and I walked through all of the water stations except for the first one.  After we passed the half marathon turn around point the course really thinned out and it was obvious that us marathon runners were the minority.  There was even a few times when I could not see anyone in front of us or behind us.  That was a first.  But we continued on a good pace around 8:50 minute miles.  Around miles 17 – 18 I still felt strong and the good pace was paying off.  We started passing people at least every few minutes and it would actually continue on that way for the rest of the race.  For me it was something new to be able to pass lots of people towards the end of the marathon.  I was actually trying to use it to motivate me forward, and it was working.  I did try to encourage everyone on as we passed them.  I know I appreciate that when people pass me.  I knew the good times would not last forever and around miles 22 – 23 is where I started to fall apart.  The pace was a lot longer and too much walking for the remainder of the miles.  I pushed on and when I spotted the finish line I tried to run as fast as I could and from now where I had some kick left.  I felt like I was sprinting towards the finish line, I was probably not sprinting, but it felt like I was going fast.  I was very grateful that I had that left in me after running 26 miles.  I crossed the finish line and I was breathing very, very heavy, from that last kick.      

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  1. This is awesome!!!!!!!!! What a great race. I\’m so proud of you!

    Comment by Unknown | April 5, 2007 | Reply

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