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Martian Marathon 2007 #4 – Post Race

Breathing heavy, yes I can still breath. Okay.  I received my medal and had the time chip removed from my shoe.  Got some water and walked around for awhile to get my heart rate back to normal.  After thanking everyone, sharing some stories, drenching myself with water, and sitting down for awhile we made our way to the truck.  I felt like I had ran a long distance but I did feel stronger than at the end of my last marathon, plus I beat my last time by 8 minutes.  Another personal best.  My goal was to be under 4 hours but I have a little less than 2 months to prepare for Bayshore and get a time under 4 hours at that event.  Here are the final stats:
4:07:09 – total time.
9:26 – Average Pace Per Mile
4,297 calories burned according to the Garmin.
No black toe nails!
No bloody body parts!
No muscle cramps!
8 Power Gel Packets consumed during the race.
And a 10 minute ice bath afterwards that always helps.  I actually was very tempted to stay in longer.
Thank you to Lord above for allowing me to complete another great experience and improve my running times.  Blessings that I truly do treasure and I am thankful for.  Thank you to everyone that volunteered and put on a great event.  For being a smaller event I was very impressed at how well it turned out.  Thanks to my family and friends for all your support and encouragement.  The fact that you believe in me helps me believe in myself.  Thank you to Jeff for sticking with me for the entire race.  A great running partner, motivator, and part time comedian.  I guess we all are.  Maybe one day I will join your trail marathon group for a training run, but no 50 mile races for me for awhile.  If you find a university that does offer a doctorate in Pain Management let me know.  I think I have qualified for one.  Thank you to all of my fellow TNT’ers for great training runs, inspiration and support.  Last but not least thanks to Coach Ken – still and always a great coach.

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  1. Great race!!!  You sound you\’re ready to break 4 hours at Bayshore.  I hope recovery is going well and that you\’re getting plenty of good food to refuel.

    Comment by Unknown | April 3, 2007 | Reply

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