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Not So Peak Week

This week was suppose to be the last big peak week of training before the Bayshore Marathon.  I am scheduled to run about 50 miles total this week but due to a strained Achilles that does not want to heal I am taking it “easy” this week.  No, do not be stunned and start thinking that I took the whole week off and did not train at all. If I did that I would go insane.  Lets start from some where close to the beginning.  It all started a little less than a month ago when I finally started to do some hill training.  I found the largest sets of hills in the area and planned on running them once a week as a new twist to my training.  I am not sure if I did not have enough rest from after the Martian Marathon, or maybe it was a combination of the marathon and the 20 mile run less than two weeks after the marathon?  Or perhaps I should start out with smaller hills?  Well the first hill training run went well.   It kicked my butt, which I thoroughly enjoyed.   I was breathing hard, and my legs were spent once I got back to my truck.  The next day on my run I noticed that that my right Achilles felt sore and it has never given me problems in the past.  Of course I completed my run and once I got home I checked out my foot.  It was diffidently not happy.  My right foot had developed swelling and there was a slight twinge with every step that I took.  So I did the old ice and vitamin I (ibuprofen) routine.  That seemed to help and the pain was not so bad so I continued running as normal.  I even did hill training for two more weeks after that.  I think I just defined the meaning of the phrase “over train.”  I am not a licensed medical professional but over three weeks of mild swelling and moderate pain cannot be good.  So with the Bayshore Marathon fast approaching I finally did something smart for once and decided to take it easy for a week and see if that helped.  Us athletes will try almost anything before we go to the doctor.  The only issue was that I picked the week that is supposed to a peak week of high mileage.  I knew that mentally I would never make it though the week by not training at all. So the plan this week has been to bike instead of run using the 3 miles biking  = 1 mile running rule for the two days that I was suppose to run 10 miles, run slowly in a 5K event, weight training – skipping the calf workouts to save the Achilles, and then run the 20 miler on Saturday.  Plus 3 days of no running or biking, very rare for me.  So far the swelling has drastically gone down and the pain is less and less each day.  I guess we will see how the 20 miler goes and after that I am onto the taper plan with no hill training.  Hopefully I will be 100% at the start of the Bayshore Marathon. 

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