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21 Miler

Saturday morning I woke up at 5AM to the sound of the alarm going off.  I was waking up earlier than normal for the weekly long run due to the fact that a small group of us were going to meet out at Kensington Metro Park instead of Stony Creek for a change or scenery.  I think it was a great idea for us to do a long run at a different location because we all know Stony Creek to well.  Stony is a great place and much closer place to run than Kensington but, it can get boring always running at the same place.  The drive out there was not bad because I was one of the only crazy people on the road that early in the morning.  After getting to the park it had warmed up quite and bit and the sun was coming out.  After the normal motivation talk we all started out along the path.  The plan was to follow Coach Randy’s suggestion.  Do 2 miles out, 2 miles back and then two full loops around the 8.5 mile trail.  Following that plan equals 21 miles.  What is an extra mile at this point in the training?  Just more practice for the marathon that is in a few weeks.  We set out and maintained a good pace.  The unfamiliar scenery was a nice change to break up the run, and the challenging hills raised the heart rate and breathing at times.  I was a little scared on how my achilles was going to react to the hills and also the fact that I had barely run at all during the week.  I had biked pretty hard during the week and ran 3 miles on Wednesday so the legs and lungs did have a hard week.  Not as much impact as normal due to very little running however. I have to admit the achilles acted up from time to time.  It would be good for a few miles and then the pain would come back from time to time.  It was not a stop me from running pain, so luckily it did not seem to slow me down.  The overall morning turned out to be perfect.  Good temperature, sunshine, and a great run.  We averaged about a 8:55 per mile pace for 21 miles.  Not counting a few brief stops for water along the way.  I am very thankful that I had a good long run before the tapering begins for Bayshore.  It was a good confidence builder and I was able to finalize my plan for how I want to run the Bayshore Marathon to hit my goal of under 4 hours.             

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  1. That\’s going to be awesome.  I am so glad you\’ve found such a big pace group!  You sound like you\’re totally ready to break 4:00–another 5.2 miles on that long run at the same pace and you would have.  It sounds like I will be the odd one out without any purple on. 🙂  No TnT for me, although I will be glad to donate.  I\’ve never been any good at fundraising, but I do like to give money when I can spare it.  I\’ve been meaning to donate to yours–probably next weekend after I get paid. 🙂

    Comment by Unknown | May 12, 2007 | Reply

  2. Al, be careful with the achilles! i don\’t know if you remember, mine was killing me right before san francisco. i took a whole week off right before the marathon and the marathon, weirdly, went beautifully. no achilles pain. i wish the same for you!

    Comment by Unknown | May 25, 2007 | Reply

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