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Dragon Dash 8K

Perhaps I am maturing as a runner or I can not get enough of running with the Team in Training group on Saturdays.   I was planning on running in the Utica 5K on Saturday, which would was the first race I had ever ran a little over three years ago, and thus started me down this glorious life of endurance sports.  But instead I was at the Team in Training group training Saturday morning for the last long run before the Bayshore marathon.  It was very, very tempting to not stop myself at 8 miles.  The body was simply thirsting for more punishment.   That still baffles me how the body is looking to be tired out and sore.  So to get the planned speed race in for the weekend I ran in the Dragon Dash 8K in Lake Orion, Michigan on Sunday morning.  For the rest of us that are not on the Metric System, 8K is about 4.9 miles.  When we left my place it was actually sunny and in the 60’s.  But less than 30 minutes after we arrived in Lake Orion, it was cloudy, looking like rain and in the 50’s.  Oh well, I knew that I would warm up after the first mile.  I planned on running this race hard, at a fast pace, unless my Achilles pain crept back up or something else went wrong.  (Just to note I think my right Achilles is back to about 90%.)  I am supposed to be tapering so I know that running a race is not the best idea.  I can see my coaches shaking their heads already.  But I know they expect this type of irrational behavior form me now.  I call it an anniversary race and a confidence builder.  I wanted to know that I could still keep a fast pace for a short mileage race and also test my Achilles.  The race started out well, I was moving at a fast pace and felt good.  I settled into a grove and tired to stay with or keep some of the runners that were running the pace I was around me.  I think another runner and I passed each other over ten times.  It felt good to be pushed like that.  The course was a nice route through neighborhoods and near a couple of lakes.  I crossed the finish line with a time of 37:28 and a pace of 7:34 per mile.   I pushed it at the end, was breathing hard, and I did not feel my Achilles at all during or after the run.  The race was a success and it makes me feel more confident about the Bayshore marathon this weekend.          

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  1. Nice race!  Are you ready for Saturday?  I finalized what I\’m wearing–dark blue Nike Tempo shorts with green side panels, a lighter-blue sleeveless tech shirt, and probably a white cotton long-sleeve for the Anthem 5K over that if it\’s cool that morning (which it probably will be).  I\’ll get rid of that before or early in the race depending on how warm I am.  And my bib number is 230.  So hopefully that will help us locate each other.  I will see you in a few days–take care!

    Comment by Unknown | May 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Al, I wasn\’t shaking my head. I was shaking my fist!! Are you crazy? Even mentioning your Achilles in the same sentence as running hard is crazy. What if your hard run caused it to rupture? I\’m glad that you had a good race but what did it accomplish? I hope that you\’re locking yourself in a room and not doing anything else that might impact Saturday\’s marathon….. Maybe Jeff is starting to rub off.TNT Coach Ken

    Comment by Downtown | May 23, 2007 | Reply

  3. you are such a super star. i haven\’t visited your blog in a while. my apologies. you are addicted to running. i think that\’s a very good thing. anyhow, awesome time on your run. you should feel very proud!! have a GREAT marathon this weekend. will be thinking of you. take care of the calves AND the achilles.

    Comment by Unknown | May 25, 2007 | Reply

  4. how was bayshore!!?? post your time!!

    Comment by Unknown | May 29, 2007 | Reply

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