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Bayshore Marathon 2007 #3 – 26.2 Mile Experience V

The gun sounded and we slowly moved toward the starting line.  As we waded to the starting line the thought of can this really be marathon number five entered my mind.  I felt disbelief and déjà vu as we were able to run forward.  I think it is a good combination of blessings and craziness that allows me to do these things.  The plan was to have Julie pace us and make sure that we stayed at a good pace so that we did not get burnt out to early.  Due to the crowd I stayed a little bit ahead of Julie, with Ryan and Miranda next to me, but kept Juile close to ensure that we were not going to fast.  As we ran away from the college the course opened up to a beautiful view of Grand Traverse Bay on our right hand side, and amazing houses that I can only dream about on the left.  It was a very beautiful course to run on.  The sun was already above the trees so we could not actually see the sun but its reflection shown on the bay.  There was also a great breeze coming off the water that kept me cooled down.  The course had some small rolling hills but nothing that slowed us down.  As we continued on keeping about a 9 minute pace Julie slowly disappeared into the crowd, so I checked my Garmin on every mile to make sure that we were not going to fast.  A few miles were a little under 9 minutes but we called that our buffer.  People were out in front of their houses eating breakfast, some giving out food, and showing support for us.  There were also cheer stations setup every 4 miles or so that really helped make the course enjoyable.  As we saw the cheer station coming up ahead we seemed to speed up a little from the excitement.  Or maybe we were simply showing off early on during the race.  The course was an out and back course, and the half marathoners were on their way back from the half way point.  So around mile 7 we began seeing them and cheering them on as they passed in the opposite direction.  When we saw Jeff coming back after the turn around he was moving at his fast pace and slapped us all five.  Poor Jamie almost had her shoulder dislocated from slapping Jeff five.  That would have been an interesting running injury.  After making the turn at the half way point the course was pretty much down hill and my pace slowly increased.  Ryan, Miranda and I stuck together for about the next 5 miles at about an 8:30 minute pace due to the down hills.  Around mile 18 or so we started to separate as the distance was now affecting us all in our own way.  I then ran with Jamie for a couple of more miles until she proclaimed that she was going to try to run faster and then took off into the distance.  I tired to keep her in my sights but after about 2 miles she was gone.  Around mile 23 I started to fall apart and that bad habit called walking crept in.  I just kept tying to move on forward towards the finish line.  Around mile 24 Coach Ken ran with me for a while which I was very thankful for because it kept me running and not walking.  As I got closer to the finish line I realized that I was not going to make my goal of under 4 hours but I still had to finish.  When I saw the finish area I think it was one of the best sights that I saw all weekend.  I moved as fast as I could for the reminder of the distance around the track, pointed and looked up to the sky as a thank you, and crossed the finish line.   

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