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Dexter – Ann Arbor Half Marathon

This post is a little behind since the actual half marathon was run on Sunday June 3rd, 2007.  As I was leaving my place there was a sense of deja vue in the air.  The weather was similar to last year’s race, calling for storms and high humidity.  A big difference however was that I knew I was not going to attempt a personal best time in the race because I was still “recovering” from the Bayshore Marathon that was seven days before.  I had planned on simply running with some people I knew for as long as I could and treating this like a training run.  After getting my packet and getting bused to the start I found the people I was planning on running with.  I also talked with various other runners that I knew and shared some stories.  As the race got under way I ran with Nathan for about 8 miles or so.  We kept a good pace despite the rain and high humidity.  The humidity was so bad that after the first mile I felt like I was taking a shower without any soap.  The rivers that we ran past looked very tempting to jump into to cool off.  A little after 8 miles Nathan took off and went for his desired finish time, I think I was holding him back.  As I continued on my legs felt weaker and weaker and after mile 10 they were very upset.  Whatever strength that was left was now gone and I was running at a very slow pace.  I was learning that you should not run a half marathon a week after a marathon, and how it is to run on tired legs.  I was actually told by one of my running friends that it is good to train the body to run on tired legs.  Two lessons at once I guess.  So the slow pace continued on to the finish line with a time of 1:59:37.  Under 2 hours, but not my best half marathon time.  Simply another one to add to the list.     

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