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Allowed to Run Again

Yesterday I was allowed to run again.   After successful Lasik surgery and eight days off from running and biking I was ready to hit the pavement.  Surgery?  Yes the surgery went awesome and I would recommend it for anyone that has to deal with contacts and glasses.  The whole procedure itself lasted 18 minutes and I felt no pain at all.  Simply a little pressure on each eye when then did the “suction” part of the procedure to hold the eye in place.  The only bad part that is a little scary is that your vision goes black in each eye for a couple of minutes.  Then it slowly comes back into focus and you actually see the doctor working on your eye.  A little creepy, but it was worth it.  You can see better right after they are done and you stand up from the chair.  My vision has been getting better every day and it is truly amazing.  The doctor says that I will notice improvements for about 6 months as my eyes heal.  I have a small sensitivity to light but that is also improving everyday.  Currently I have 20/15 vision and it may improve to 20/10 once the healing process is complete.   So how did the first run back go?  It went very well and I felt like a dog that was just let out of the house.  I joined the TNR group for a 6 mile run through Royal Oak.  The weather was actually great for running.  The leaders kept up a fast pace so the normal casual 6 miles turned out to be a good workout.  T-miuns 2 months till the Nike Hood to Coast Relay and good luck to all of the TNT Runners in Alaska that will be running the marathon or half marathon this weekend.

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