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Pickerels and Ducks

I am not always sure why some races are given weird names.  Most of the time the event is named after the city that it is ran in or for the cause that it supports.  Perfect example of weird names would be the Pickerel Run and the Hungry Duck Run.  The Pickerel Run is in Algonac, MI and named after the Pickerel Festival that they have every year.  Hungry Duck Run was ran for the first time in Brighton, MI and I know the proceeds supported Gleaners, which is a well know food drive company.  That explains the hungry part of the name but I am not sure where the duck part came from.  Both very original names for races I though.
On July 1st I joined my good friend, and fellow TNT Coach Janet in her home town of Algonac, MI to run the Pickerel 10K Run.  A few other people that said they would be there were missing that morning.  You all know who you are.  I knew from the start that Janet is a much faster runner than I am so I planned to stick with her for as long as I could.  I was not sure how long my legs would last after running 16 miles the day before.  Well either she was being nice or I really out did myself because we ran the entire race together, and did really well.  I finished with a new personal record 10K time of 48:03.  That is a pace of 7:44 per mile and 2nd place in my age group, but it was a smaller race.  Another medal to add to the collection.  I have to admit that the pace felt fast for me but I do have to thank Janet for pushing me and helping me get a new personal record.           
On July 4th I ran the Hungry Duck Run – Half Marathon in Brighton, MI.  What a perfect way to start off celebrating Independence Day!  This was the first year for the running of this event and they had a 5K race also.  I was actually surprised with the number of people lining up at the start line.  The announcer said there was a little over 500 runners total participating in the event that morning with over 200 of them running the half marathon.  The rain and dark clouds messed with us for the first 10 minutes or so of the race, and seemed to cool down the temperature a little bit.  The course was very hilly.  I knew Brighton was a hilly town, but I was not expecting to run on all of the hills.  Most of the up-hills were on the way out of town so I was able to enjoy the down hills on the way to the finish line.  I actually did really well and did not walk up any of the hills on the course.  Plus many parts of the race I was able to run on a dirt shoulder and we even ran on a dirt road for awhile, so I was able to pretend I was trail running.  I think I actually ran at a faster pace on the dirt parts or it felt like I was.  I finished the race with a time of 1:50:36 and a pace of 8:27 per mile.  I was impressed with my final time on a very hilly course and enjoyed the half marathon. 

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  1. Hey, my alarm clock didn\’t go off and Sandy said she wasn\’t running very well, so the Pickerel was a no-show! I think all of your training is starting to pay off. You\’re going to make me start training seriously!
    TNT Coach Ken

    Comment by Downtown | July 5, 2007 | Reply

  2. Argh, it is so hard to comment on your blog.  Nice job on those races!  And so close together.  I\’m sure the good races will continue throughout this summer and fall–keep up the good work and stay cool!

    Comment by Unknown | July 10, 2007 | Reply

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