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Fall Updates


Once again I have been falling behind on my blog.   My excuses?  Well to the jury I submit the excuses of school work, work in general, running too many miles, and time for Team in Training.  I know none of those excuses constitute the lack of postings but that is all I got!  Speaking of Team in Training, the Fall season information meetings went well and tonight is the official kickoff to the season.  This weekend will be the first official group training for everyone and I know it will bring back found memories of my first group training.  The fears of not being able to complete long runs, but also the strange sense of waking up on Saturdays mornings looking forward to the next challenge.  I am not sure where I exactly when off the deep end and fell face first into this running lifestyle but I am very thankful that I was led this way.  Perhaps it was that very first 5K?  I would not change one step.  Okay maybe a few of the ones that lead to wiping out on the trails, but as I have been told that is the gracefulness of a true trail runner. 


To update everyone things have been going well.  After the Detroit Marathon I took it easy for about a week and then I have been back on logging crazy miles, at least for me, in preparation for my planned future events.  As long as my training continues to go well I am planning on another 50K to close out 2007, a few marathons and 50K’s in 2008, and even my first 50 Miler in the fall of 2008.  Plus with all of the other smaller races, coaching responsibilities, and pacing/crewing for a 100 mile race, 2008 should be another exciting year.


Last Sunday I ran in the annual Big Bird 10K in Roseville, MI.  Due to staying out too late and having too much fun the night before the race I got a time of 47:36.  That time was 37 seconds slower than my last 10K.  But the good thing is that I know exactly what I did wrong by not following my own advice.  It is hard to run a good race when you are not properly rested and no matter how hard you fight to run hard, the body usually wins.                     


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  1. That\’s still an impressive 10K time, despite the unorthodox race prep. 🙂  Your plans for 2008 sound exciting!

    Comment by Unknown | November 16, 2007 | Reply

  2. That\’s still an impressive 10K time, despite the unorthodox race prep. 🙂  Your plans for 2008 sound exciting!

    Comment by Unknown | November 16, 2007 | Reply

  3. Okay coach, sounds like you\’re going to go through quite a few pairs of shoes. Remember to listen to your body and take those rest days!
    Oh Yeah, I tagged you.
    Coach Ken

    Comment by Downtown | November 20, 2007 | Reply

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