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Turkeys and Colder Temps


This past Thanksgiving was the 25th annual Detroit Turkey Trot in downtown Detroit.  The 10K race is billed as the largest in the state of Michigan.  All I know is that every year it seems like there are more and more people coming out Thanksgiving morning to make room for the huge meal later that day.  Running a race in Detroit is always fun because you get to the see the city on foot and take in all of the great architecture of the city.  Some newer, some old that have been updated, and sadly some that should be updated because you can simply tell how great a building looked when it was first built.  At the start area there was a large crowd and it took us about 2 minutes to cross the starting line.  Once we were off I realized that we may have started too far in the back of the pack.  Passing and dodging people became the game and the motivation to run a fast 10K.  I was looking to hopefully beat my personal best 10K time that I had obtained earlier in the year so I simply told myself to pass the next person that was in front of me.  This passing game proved to push me and helped me maintain a good pace throughout the entire race.  As I neared the finish line I knew that I was not going to obtain a new personal record but I was happy with my performance and time.  I think I may have slowed down between mile 4 and 5, but perhaps my body needed a break from passing people.  The colder temperatures may have been getting to me also which always seems to affect my breathing.  My final time was 47:50.  Overall my 10K’s this year have been faster than last year by an average of about 3 minutes so that definitely shows signs of improvement.


The colder temperatures have made my long runs a little more interesting.  When the temperature dips below 38 degrees I can feel my breathing changing and also the entire feeling of my body is different.  My first couple of long runs felt harder than normal due to the cold air and having to wear extra layers of clothes, but just like last year I feel myself slowly getting adjusted.  The plan of running smart in the cold is always a challenge for me because I am one that feels like I have let myself down if I do not complete the planned mileage for the day.  Snow, wind, and ice kept me from only running once last year but I am honestly not bragging.  Actually I admit that I do need become more mentally stronger to hit the treadmill or simply take an extra rest day if the conditions are a little to dangerous outside.  But on the other hand I will keep praying for a mild winter so all of us crazy people can continue to keep training hard through the winter.      


Last of all I want to wish all of the Team in Training runners that will be running the Honolulu Marathon in 11 days good luck.  You have all worked hard to get where you are and you will enjoy every mile of the event.  Well hopefully every mile.  Plus I want to say hello to all of the Spring Season Team in Training runners.  We have about 5 months of training ahead of us so remember to get those miles in and have fun! 


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