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Can Winter Please be Over


Since I have lived in Michigan all of my life you think I would not whine about winter.  The freezing temperatures, the snow, and the ice.  Well honestly I have had enough winter for this year.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the first couple snow falls and the challenge or running through the snow, but after about a month I am all set.  If it were my choice winter would be about a month long.  Feel free to extend Fall or Spring, but I am ready for the snow to be gone and the temperatures to stay at least 40 for an extend period of time.  Last winter I will admit that we were spoiled by it being very mild up to the end of December.  I can recall running in shorts all the way past Christmas.  But I will stay positive as always because I know warmer temperatures will be here before I know it.  Plus I have heard the running in the snow and cold makes you stronger.


Enough of the venting and now some good news.  My Spring Season Team in Training runners are doing awesome!  They are running in the cold, the snow, and working their way up to longer runs.  This past weekend they did 10 miles as their long run and everyone did great.  Running with them makes me think back to when I trained for my first marathon and knowing that I had to run 10, 11, 12, miles etc.. the next morning would stress me out.  Would I make it?  How far would I have to walk?  I hope my runners are not obsessing about the mileage like I did.   Well at least they are not showing any fear or stress to me.  They are doing great and tackling the long runs like they have done them before.   They are making this coach very proud. 


Since I have not posted in awhile I should give some personal running updates.   The 50K in December went very well.   Even though there was snow and ice I hung in there and actually shaved 12 minutes off of my first 50K time.  I am still amazed that after swearing that I would never run more than 26.2 miles almost a year ago I have ran two Ultramarathons and I am registered for my first 50 Mile race this Fall.   I think I have really fallen off of the deep end!   The Witchy Wolf Run on January 19th was an adventure to say the least.   The temperature was below zero at the 6:30PM start.  We ran 15 miles on snow covered roads and trails.  Had to cross over a stream on a stick bridge that I fell in and I obtained a soaked left foot, and learned that chewing on the spouts of the water bottles breaks up the ice so that you can drink some water.  Plus I one again was able to realize that you still sweat in sub zero temperature and then your sleeves freeze, so moving your arms can be a challenge.   All in all it was a beautiful course but next year you can count me out if it is that cold again.  That race will definitely be a register on race day event.  Just another memorable experience of craziness and proof that I have a low IQ.      



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  1. Whew, man, I am with you.  Once my birthday is over, I am ready for spring.  And our winter down here is probably pretty wimpy compared to yours.  Hang in there!  Nice job on your races–you are truly hardcore.  And a 50-miler coming up, YIKES!  I\’m not quite there yet. 🙂

    Comment by Unknown | January 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. TNT Coach Ken-
      You\’re crazy or maybe it is the low IQ! I glad to hear that your team is doing so good (knock on wood). Just think, in a few weeks you get to start all over again with a new bunch. Don\’t you love it?

    Comment by Downtown | January 25, 2008 | Reply

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