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Paging Spring…..Hello?


Yes this is a person that has lived their entire life in Michigan complaining about how long this winter has been.  It simply feels like winter is sticking around forever.  A typical Michigan winter consists of snow that sticks around for a couple of weeks, then we get a warm spell, then the snow melts, and we have the typical grey skies and gray ground.  But this winter the snow came and it has never left.  It sticks around, we get more snow, and even lots of ice this winter.  These lovely winter conditions has made running very interesting.  Slipping, sliding, and very slow running times have become all too familiar.  On the positive end running in snow is suppose to make you a stronger runner, plus when I have found some clear surfaces to run on I still feel like I have some speed left.  We will have to wait until the Corktown 4 mile race to find out.  Hopefully it is a little warmer that day and we have smooth surfaces to run on.


On the coaching side of things the Spring Team is doing awesome.  They are on their way to running their long run of 15 miles this weekend.  I am so proud of them and love watching their progress.  It is rewarding to watch runners as they progress and become more confident as their training rolls on.  Plus the Summer Team is a few weeks into their training and also doing very well.  Both teams have had to contend with running in the snow and are looking like superstars on the streets of Royal Oak.  Before we know it they will be crossing the finish line at their events.  If you see us running in Royal Oak or on a field trip out at Stony Creek Metro Park be sure to yell Go Team!   


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  1. I am totally with you on this winter.  I am even less used to long winters than you and I have HAD IT. 🙂  I am SOOOO sick of chipping ice off my car every morning it\’s not even funny.Good luck with your 4-mile race!!

    Comment by Unknown | March 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. I have tagged you in my blog. Check it out–and please don\’t blame me about it. :-)http://eric-running.blogspot.com/

    Comment by Unknown | March 31, 2008 | Reply

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