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Welcoming Spring with Some PR’s


Yes it appears that Spring is finally here in Michigan.  We have had over a week of no snow and warmer temperatures that allow the normal running apparel to join in for a run.  Another sign of Spring that I noticed is that I am greeted by singing birds in the morning on my morning runs.  They could be telling this crazy person to get back into the house, but they sound like they are singing to me.  After tons of cold weather running I actually have some proof that it all paid off.  In my past two races I achieved new personal records or PR’s. 


The first one was at the Corktown 4 mile race on March 16th.  This race starts near the old Detroit Tiger Stadium goes about 2 miles into the city and then back to finish in front of the old Michigan Central Train station.  Which in my opinion, is yet another building in Detroit that should have been kept up due to its amazing architecture.  It is a fun race that is ran before the annual Corktown St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  It is a little odd running a race where the spectators have been drinking alcohol since early that morning, but it is a good time.  Due do too much socializing a group of us started at the very front of the start area and I got sucked into the fast group of people.  My first mile was a 6:50 mile which is a little to fast for me.  After getting settled into a better pace I finished with a time of 29:53.  That is an average pace of 7:28 per mile. 


The second PR came on April 6th at the Martian Marathon.  It was my 8th marathon and my 1st marathon of 2008.  I did not follow the normal taper plan, that seems to be a new bad habit, and ran 14 miles the day before since my TNT Spring Team was running their 20 and 13 mile training runs.  Coaching and helping my team get ready for their events is very important to me so I did my best to help them and run as little as possible.  The marathon started off very well.  We had temperatures in the low 40’s and were running an average pace of about 8:10.  The pace was faster than normal but it felt good so we kept moving on.  The miles rolled on quickly or at least it felt that way.  Around mile 16 the average pace slipped to about 8:40 as the fatigue was setting in, but we still has good temperatures in the 50’s.  After mile 18 I was told to take off on my own since I was still running strong.  I was doing well until my average pace slipped to about 10 minute miles after mile 22 as that “wall” started to build itself in front of me.  I did my best to push through and walked a little more than I should of as the miles from the day before started to catch up to me.  I am very curious how well I would have done if I had rested properly.  After passing mile 24 I knew that achieving my goal of being under 4 hours was very possible as long as I pushed as hard as I could.  When I saw the finish line I used all that I had left and crossed the finish line with a time of 3:58:18.  That is an average pace of 9:06 per mile.  I had achieved my goal of a sub 4 hour marathon and improved my overall marathon time by about 8 minutes.   What a great start to my 2008 season!  I hope that the improvement continues and the good race times continue to roll on.  As always thank you to everyone for their support and guidance.   


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  1. Awesome, I\’m so glad to hear you\’ve owned that 4 hour barrier at last!  And this with no taper…great job.  I hope I can follow your example next month. 🙂  Good luck with the rest of your races this spring!

    Comment by Unknown | April 7, 2008 | Reply

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