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Has it Really Been Almost 6 Months Since I Have Blogged?

Has it really been almost 6 months since I have blogged?  Yikes!  I guess my story telling engine that was fueling this blog site was turned off for some strange reason.  Where do I begin?  Well a lot has happened since June of 2008 so of course I will not go on and on and tell everything that has happened since then.  I will give some highlights to get things moving again in hopes that I will update my blog on at least a weekly basis.

The end of June of 2008 marked the end of my coaching season for Team in Training as runners that I coached had completed their events.  It was great to reconnect with the ones that I was not able to be at their actual event and hear how their day had gone.  Hearing stories about fellow runner’s events is always fun and interesting at the same time.

July and August consisted of taking a break from coaching and concentrating on my own training for races that I would participate in later in the year.  For those of you that have not run in Michigan in the summer we can get some really hot and humid days that really test your endurance to heat.  The feeling that you may actually melt from the heat is common during the run.  Plus if you run on trails be prepared to be chased by nagging black flies that love to bite.  Not even all the DEET that is “medically” safe to be sprayed on a person can stop them.  Many long training runs of 20 – 30 plus miles were completed in preparation of my first 50 Mile Ultra that was scheduled for September.

September had become the month of Ultra’s.  How do I do this to myself?  On September 6th I completed the Dances with Dirt Hell 50K and was able to shave off about 20 minutes from the previous year. During that race I was joined most of the time by another crazy runner, Sandy, who completed her 2nd ultra in spectacular fashion.  I think she even enjoyed that Ultra more than the first one that she ran.  On September 20th I completed my first 50 Mile Ultra in Manistee, MI, the North Country Trail run.  Call it determination or pure stupidity, but while fighting a nasty cold and a rolled ankle at mile 18, I still was able to complete the event.  It was not the fastest or prettiest run of my life but my goal was to cross the finish line and I was able to do just that.  I did learn some things along the way and looking back actually enjoyed the experience.

October consisted of some much needed rest from running but I still ran the Detroit Marathon as planned.  That was my 4th year in a row running the Detroit Marathon and another marathon under 4 hours.  I had some cramping issue in my legs around mile 22 that I fought through, so I guess less training on trails is in order to prepare for the next road marathon that I run.  You would think that I would get sick of running the same race 4 years in a row but there is something very magical about touring the city of Detroit and Canada on foot.  I would recommend that everyone needs to do this marathon at least once in their life.

November was back to coaching for Team in Training.  All of the current Spring Season runners are coming along nicely and taking on the increase in miles at a good pace.  Soon the Summer Season runners will join up and we will have a full group for our group trainings.  In November I also ran the annual Turkey Trot in Detroit on Thanksgiving morning.  I ran it at a good pace and had fun, but since we got to the start after the race had started, I think I passed the most people I have ever passed during a race.  That made it fun and amusing. 

December consisted of signing up for my second 50 mile Ultra that I will run in February of 2009 and also completing the Fat Ass 50K in Pinckney, MI.  We were treated to a very warm December day that allowed you to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt but the trails were covered in over a foot of snow or water from the melting snow.  Plus icy spots crept up every couple of miles preventing you from getting into a good running groove.  It was a slow pace but turned into a good training run overall.  Finishing that event brought my total of crazy events to 10 marathons and 6 Ultras since starting to run marathons in 2005. 

The goal for 2009 is to stay healthy and complete three 50 Mile Ultras during the year.  The Rocky Raccoon in February, the Mohican in June and off to Manistee, MI to get a better time at the North Country Trail Run in September.  The Lord willing it will be a good year and many blessings will be given to all of us.  Good luck, God Bless to all of you and stay tuned.                


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  1. Yes, it has been that long! Don\’t forget us………

    Comment by Downtown | February 4, 2009 | Reply

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