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Awesome Team and Upcoming Adventures

I need to get back into a rhythm of blogging more often like I use to.  I am not sure what the distraction is?

Anyways, the Spring and Summer Seasons of Team in Training are in motion and Royal Oak, MI has an awesome team.  The Spring Team started out very well, took on the weekly increasing miles, snow, and subzero temperatures.  They continue to train hard and impress me more and more every day.  Some of them are already talking about their next race they want to do after they complete their events in the spring.  I swear I have not been serving them the Kool Aid but it seems like their addiction to running is quickly evolving.  It is great to see the running community grow with runners from Team in Training.

The Summer Team had their first official group training last Saturday and about 90% of them showed up ready to brave the elements.  The turnout was very impressive and I hope that it continues on.  The more the merrier and it always help to have a good size group out running on Saturday mornings.  I have also noticed that the Summer Team has a few speedsters in it and some experienced runners that may be knocking on Boston’s door.  Now that they are taking advantage of training with a group that will help them out and hopefully the speedsters can all team up and work together.  After the Summer Team complete first run of 4 or 5 miles they all seemed to be feeling good and a few of them even went a little further.  Overachievers are good people in my book.        

Along with coaching my own race schedule is shaping up nicely.  At the present time the main goal is to complete three 50 mile races in 2009.  As long as I can train well and my body feels good then this goal is obtainable.  I just need to work on fueling properly and allowing myself adequate rest.  The three 50 mile races are going to be; The Rocky Raccoon 50 Miler in Texas, Mohican 50 Miler in Ohio and then North Country Trail Run 50 Miler in Manistee, MI.  In between I plan on mixing in some marathons and one or two 50K’s.  Plus coaching at the Flying Pig Marathon and the Bayshore Marathon.  If you are also running any of these races let me know or please feel free to tell me how crazy all of this sounds.  Trust me I am use to it.   Thanks again to everyone for all of you support.    


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